West Stand Bogs began almost 5 years ago as a daft little pissed up idea to bring together a few Barnsley fans who wrote about our club on the internet, print their stuff & try to make a few quid for some local charities.

In those 5 years, we’ve done more than we could’ve ever imagined. I say we, I mean everyone who has contributed an article, sold the mag, bought a calendar, walked to a game, followed us on Social Media or come to a boozy night – the lot. Without each and every one of you we couldn’t have raised anywhere near the amount of money we all have which on the last count has been at around £70k – give or take. That cash has fed the hungry, bought Christmas presents for kids who wouldn’t have had any, put football kits on kids backs & supported our elderly in their times of need – all in this Town of ours. A staggering achievement you should all be incredibly proud of.

However, good things must come to an end. As the club we all love dearly embarks on a new era we feel it’s a fitting time to call it a day. We’re obviously incredibly excited to see what the future holds for BFC but we as a group just don’t have the time to invest the effort needed to continue producing the magazines & events we have over the last few years.

If you’ve subscribed or paid for an advert and would like your cashback for the couple of issues we were to do this year, get in touch at If not, we’ll do as we have always and redistribute that cash to causes that are very deserving in our Town.

Our last ever event will be the walk to Hull. Join us if you can. And we’ll be keeping the website up so you can buy any of the stuff we’ve got clogging up the spare bedroom.

Them Reds & long live Conor Hourihane.


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