WSBs Big Daft Walk 2018 – Hull

For fuck sake.

Let’s keep it brief. Hull away. Leaving Oakwell about 7am Friday 16th February. Staying in Thorne. Some of us arriving in time for the game Saturday. Names to if you wanna join us.

Lovely, scenic route that takes in some of the highlights of the East Riding and finishes off with a lovely last mile over the Humber Bridge along with appropriate opportunity to end all the misery by chucking yourself over the edge. Route here. 60ish miles.

All welcome, no age limits but bit daft to do it if you’re under 16. Not our responsibility like but just warning you. And some advice – do a bit of training and do not FFS wear new boots (Dom…)

Charity TBC. This year we had 50+ take part and help raise over £18k for a fantastic charity – let’s try & smash that.


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